The Five Hills Karate Club is founded in the Chito Ryu style of Karate



Chito Ryu karate was based on a vision from O Sensei: “Karate is for everyone.”

It doesn’t matter your age, sex or physical abilities, karate can be done by anyone who has the will and passion. O’Sensei believed that the healing aspect of martial arts is just as important as the destructive part and created a style that is mindful of the practitioner’s health.

Five Hills Chito Ryu Karate Club is dedicated to providing a safe environment where children, adults and anyone of any age can learn and practice Chito Ryu karate. Karate is a fun and exciting way to develop confidence, discipline, awareness, fitness and self-defense. Whether your goal is to improve your physical fitness or simply to try something new, the study of karate will constantly challenge your physical and mental boundaries. We believe that the dojo (place of practice) should be a safe place for people to learn and grow, an environment which fosters self-esteem and respect. Students train together and grow together.

Chito Ryu karate has a wide variety of traditional kata which are a pre-set combination of techniques that allow the karateka (student) to practice combinations and visualize a fight. Apart from kata, we practice sparring, break falls, throwing techniques, and weapons. As the student progresses through his/her personal martial arts journey, they will learn proper breathing techniques, proper body movement and theories that further their abilities in mind and body.

Chito Ryu karate becomes a way of life where we practice not only the physical movements in the dojo but the mental and spiritual aspects of martial arts that apply in the real world outside of the dojo. We train and condition the body, but we emphasize and teach a way of life in which honor, respect, and positive attitude towards oneself and others are upheld.